All About Plourples.

Hi, I'm Celery Bedlington. I like to play video games, and occasionally create my own plushes. I've created this website to share my experiences with both of these, and to also have my own place on the internet.

This website is a dedication to pages from GeoCities, a lifestyle I entirely missed out on as I was too young to ever experience it. Whether or not I've got the look down, I've had a lot of fun making this site. I would love to network a little and talk to others who are similarly interested in this kinda thing, so please Sign the Guestbook and contact me through any of these options below:

Escargot (WLM) (plourples@escargot.chat), SpaceHey, Twitter, Email and Discord (@plourples).
This is in order of my personal preference, but all of these are open.

Thank you for stopping by!