Ferret Plushe

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The first plushe that I made was this ferret. He's very sweet and cute.

Here are most of the materials I used. Just a few colors of felt and some buttons and stuffing I also used needles, thread, scissors, a craft knife, and a glue gun.

Here, I had just finished one of the legs. After cutting two layers of felt at the same time, I used a blanket stitch around most of the shape before stopping, stuffing it and then finishing the stitch. This was the first thing I had ever stitched together!

Here is what I had finished before I finished for the day. I had finished both legs, cut out the head, and added one eye.

Here is after I had finished the face by adding the white details and adding another button for the eye. I cut the shapes for the body and added the white belly fluff and also cut out the shapes just for one ear because I was getting very tired. The parents of the baby look upon their in-progress child.

My next step was to loosely layer the pieces together to see what it may look like when it's finished. I also had hot glued the limbs to the body and the ears to the head. Next time I will need to be more careful as I didn't allow for where the stitching would be.

He's done! He isn't perfect by any means but he is mine and I love him.

Here he is with his family. How sweet!