My Interest in Older Technology

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I really like older technology. There's something so enticing about looking into a life before my time. This whole website is a dedication to that, in fact. So, in this page we'll be looking at some of the older tech that I personally own. I don't necessarily use all of these, but I love them regardless.

Personal Digital Assistants

Here we have my collection of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). These were a precursor to smartphones and are kinda useless these days but I still find them very charming. In order we have the Dell Axim X30, a Sharp ZQ-570, a Palm TX, and a HP iPAQ HX4700. I mainly use the Sharp ZQ as it feels the most practical with its physical keyboard. The Dell Axim and iPAQ both run PocketPC which is stylised after Windows XP, which has also always been a very charming OS to me.

Classic Nintendo Hardware

Nintendo was always the one that made my favorite games, and as such I've gone back to collect the consoles and games that I particularly enjoy. The feeling of using an actual cartridge and the actual controller is honestly unbeatable, and being able to use add-ons such as the Game Boy Printer or the Transfer Pak as it was originally intended is honestly beautiful.

SEGA Mega Drive/Mega CD

Now, to be quite honest with you, I only use my Mega Drive to play the Sonic games. I even bought the Mega CD just to play Sonic CD in the original form. Similar to above, using the actual cartridge (or CD!) with the actual controller is just unbeatable. The Mega CD is also my only CD player. I only have a few CDs but they all work in the Mega CD and I can finally listen to them all. It's just pure bliss.